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Lesley Bannatyne


Publication History
For a more detailed cv, please write me at lesley.bannatyne@gmail.com

Halloween Nation. Behind the scenes of America’s Fright Night. Pelican Publishing, 2011; ebook 2012 [nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in non-fiction]
Witches’ Night before Halloween, Pelican Publishing, 2007; ebook 2012
A Halloween Reader. Poems, Stories, and Plays from Halloweens Past, Pelican Publishing, 2004; 2nd printing 2007; ebook 2012
A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations and Destinations, Pelican Publishing, 2001; 2nd printing 2001; 3rd printing 2003; ebook 2012
Halloween: An American Holiday, An American History, Facts On File, 1990/Pelican Publishing, 1998; 2nd printing 2006; ebook 2012

Journalism (selected)
"The H Word," Nightmare Magazine, 2014
“Halloween,” The Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience, Greenwood Publishing, 2009
“Halloween,” Be My Guest: The Encyclopedia of Entertaining, 2009
After the fire, beauty among the ashes,” Boston Globe, February 18, 2007
“Halloween” World Book Encyclopedia, 2003
News Articles
“Skullduggery. Through Sickness, Health, and Divorce, Haunting Must Go On,” The Boston Globe, 2003
 “Pumpkins Sail Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease,” Christian Science Monitor, 2003
“Halloween, Lit With 5,000 Candle Power,” Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA), 2003
“For Solstice, A Druid Who’s Down to Earth,” The Boston Globe, June 20, 2004
 “To See Their Way Clear, They Enter an Urban Labyrinth,” The Boston Globe, 2004
“Striving to Solve History’s Mysteries,” Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA), 2004
“Put On Your Kilt and Pass the Haggis,” The Boston Globe, 2005
 “Secrets of the Maya ... Unlocked!” USA Today SCIENCE AND SPACE [originally in Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA), 2005
Short Stories
"On Tuesday I Will Kill Him," Shooter Literary Magazine (Winter 2015)
"Salt," Page and Spine Literary Magazine (2015)
"Death and Plenty," Chicago Literati (2015)
"Beloved," Avalon Literary Review (2016)
"Waiting for Ivy," Kaaterskill Basin Literary Review (2016)
"A Corpse Walks Into A Bar," finalist, The Masters Review Anthology Prize (2017)

Selected Lectures/Appearances
NPR/LA Radio: History of Sexy Costumes, 2015
Huffpost: Halloween History, 2015
WCVB TV: Halloween History, 2014, 2015
BBC Radio: A Halloween Hoolie, 2014
Discovery Channel: Fact or Fiction/Halloween, July 2013
NPR: Charlotte Talks, October 31, 2012
Cam and Sally Show (UK), October 31, 2012
Radio America (Spain), October 30, 2012
"The Callie Crossley Show," WGBH/NPR "Halloween History", 2011
Voice Of America, "Halloween customs, world-wide," 2011
“The (new) Haunted History of Halloween,” History Channel, 2010
 Home Shopping Network (HSN) Halloween expert for four programs, 2007
 “History of Halloween,” featured lecture, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, 1999
“Monsters, Vampires and the Gothic,” Minnesota Public Radio, 1999
“The Haunted History of Halloween,” History Channel (A&E), 1997
“Halloween,” Nick News, Nickelodeon, 1996




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