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Lesley Bannatyne
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Halloween Nation. Behind the scenes of America’s Fright Night. Pelican Publishing, 2011
Witches’ Night before Halloween, Pelican Publishing, 2007
A Halloween Reader. An Anthology of Poems, Stories and Plays, Pelican Publishing, 2004
A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations and Destinations, Pelican Publishing, 2001
Halloween: An American Holiday, An American History, Facts On File, 1990/Pelican Publishing, 1998
"Why Halloween Matters," NJonline, featured editorial, 2011
“Halloween,” The Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience, Greenwood Publishing, 2009
“Halloween,” Be My Guest: The Encylopedia of Entertaining, 2009
“Halloween” World Book Encyclopedia, 2003
Contributor, City Weekly, Boston Globe, 2002-2010
Feature articles in Woman’s Day, Christian Science Monitor, Diversion, Boston Woman’s Magazine, CBS News, 1982-present

Selected Lectures/Appearances
Discover Channel/Military Channel: America: Fact or Fiction/Halloween, July 2013
HauntCon, Dallas, TX, April 26, 2013
NPR: Charlotte Talks, October 31, 2012

Cam and Sally Show (UK), October 31, 2012
Radio America (Spain), October 30, 2012
"The Callie Crossley Show," WGBH/NPR "Halloween History", 2011
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, "The Curious Story of America's Most Creative Holiday," 2011, 2012
Gonson Lecture Series, Cambridge, MA "Halloween," 2011
30-Odd Minutes TV, "Halloween," 2011
The Bobby D Show, "Halloween," 2011
VOA, "Halloween customs, world-wide," 2011
“The (new) Haunted History of Halloween,” History Channel, 2010-present
Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, 2008
Guinness World Record Setter for Halloween Gathering, October 2007
Emcee, Wizard Rock Festival in Harvard Yard (marking release of final Harry Potter book), August 2007
“Halloween,” Commonwealth Journal with Barbara Neely, WUMB, 2005
“Halloween Trends,” keynote speaker, Halloween Convergence, New Orleans, LA, 2000;
“History of Halloween,” featured lecture, St. Louis Art Museum, St.Louis, MO, 1999, and at Halloween Opera, Jim Thorpe, PA, 2003
“Monsters, Vampires and the Gothic,” To the Best of Our Knowledge, Minnesota Public Radio, 1999
“The Haunted History of Halloween,” History Channel (A&E), 1997
“Halloween,” Nick News, Nickelodeon, 1996

1987 – 2009 Co-Artistic Director, Studebaker Theater/Co-Director, Invisible Cities Group: Over 1000 performances and eight tours in U.S. and to Europe and Canada, including presentations at major international festivals such as Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Gaukler Festival in Cologne and performances at Battersea Arts Centre, London, The Milkveg Theatre, Amsterdam, Emmanu-El Y Dance Series, New York, Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Series, New York, Nuarts Performing Arts Series, Boston, and the Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. Recipient of awards from Massachusetts Cultural Council, NEA Regional Initiative/Rockefeller Foundation, and NEA Dance Program, among others.


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